Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit

Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit
Posted on 12/06/2017

The theme ‘Choose to boost veggies and fruit’ encourages kids and families to eat more vegetables and fruit through a mix of the following strategies:

  • Policy development – *REQUIRED ACTIVITY*
  • Student engagement
  • Curriculum, teaching, education and learning
  • Supportive social and physical environments
  • Home, school and community partnerships

Nestor Falls School Proposal included the following Details. 

Student Engagement

  • You’re the Chef program (Diana Krukoski - administrative assistant and Grade 4-8 students; 1 staff member and 12 students)

  • Student participation in planning hot lunch menu (Grade 4-8 students along with parent council; 16 people taking part)

  • Student hosted veggie and fruit challenge (K – 8 students will track their fruit and veggie consumption at school from October – May, the student with the highest consumption for the month will receive a small fruit “basket” prize; 23 students will be participating)

  • School Gardens (Students and staff, with local Health Promoter, will plant and maintain school veggie gardens and latter harvest for School Meal; 21 students and 4 staff will be participating)

Curriculum, Teaching, Education & Learning

Staff training for You’re the Chef (Diana Krukoski)

Tooth brushing program (K-3 students; 9 students will be participating)

Sharing fruit and veggie facts with the community/parents (will be on display on the grocery store bulletin board, newsletters and hand-outs; 21 student will be participating and health teacher)

Supportive Social & Physical Environment

Sign up for Northwest Strong Veggie and Fruit Program (21 students participating and 4 staff members)

Serve veggies and fruit at school events and celebrations (21 students, families, community members and 4 staff members)

Provide resources in Welcome to Kindergarten Packages (Northwestern Health Unit “health eating handouts”; student participation to be determined)

Home, School & Community Partnerships

Work with school council to offer veggies and fruit at parent organized school events (3 parents, principal and teacher representative)

Grocery Store tour (21 students, 2-4 staff)

Student prepared bulletin board at local grocery store to share fruit and veggie facts with the community/parents (21 students and health teacher)